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Global Village announces new season surprises: offers for the first time in the region


The Global Village in Dubai has unveiled some of the surprises of its new season, the first of which is a presentation of the “Heroes of the Harbor” show, which is aimed at guests of several seasons as part of a series of exciting challenges.

The Global Village, one of the largest cultural parks in the world and the region’s first family destination for culture, shopping and entertainment, ensured it was proud to enhance its experiences in the world of post-season masterpieces. Its interest in ensuring that it offers entertaining experiences that are in the minds of guests of all ages.

The entertainment team is currently working on improving the masterpieces of the wonderful show, which have created achievements and are improving the show in a way that exceeds the expectations of the fans of the amazing challenges.

In the 26th season the exciting show launched for the first time in the Middle East, with breathtaking scenes of amazing water shows like “Flyboarding”, with a variety of additions including a large number of LED lights and Guinness World Records cars.

Shawn Cornell, Director of Global Village Entertainment, said: “The wonderful show is admired by millions of guests, helping to enhance these shows and adventures after the season and enjoy new adventures full of excitement and suspense.

He added, “Next season, our goal will be to witness the start of the” Heroes of the Harbor “show, which includes the story of a movie filmed at the” HarborSite “theater full of events and surprises: chase and fire effects, dangerous driving, bike jumping, explosions and free fall. In addition to LED cars, water-skiing shows with skateboards and water bikes, as well as submersion at 75 feet, we look forward to the start of the new season.

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The exciting show is one of the most important entertainment features in the Global Village, offering real experiences in the world of suspense and entertainment, and its new season kicks off on October 26th as the show attracted more than 250,000 guests during Friday. Jubilee season with only 484 different shows, and three titles in the Guinness Book of World Records.

To continue the journey of suspense and ensure the status of the show for fans of challenges and special events, a team of award-winning artists from around the world will take part in the next show.

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