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GM to provide future autonomous taxis in Dubai


Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors dedicated to autonomous vehicles, has signed an agreement with the Transport Authority of Dubai, a major city in the United Arab Emirates, to supply robotics.

Dubai wants to prepare itself with autonomous taxis, with the goal of developing driverless cars by 2030. The main city of the United Arab Emirates, with a population of nearly 3 million, represents Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors (GM) Autonomous Vehicles Automatic Messages.

4000 robotoxy by 2030

The first units are to be delivered from 2023, with a total of 4,000 robotics in service for a long time. Cruise will be the exclusive supplier until 2029. Dubai will be Cruise’s first overseas market, which is due to initially establish its service in San Francisco.

These cities were among the first to use robotics without a driver’s license. Appearance model, Released by GM in early 2020, is actually like a module with two benches facing each other and providing a total of six seats on board, without a steering wheel or pedal. Like prototypes Already delivered by Toyota or Volkswagen.

Futures market

Dubai has been talking about the movement of the future for some time. This video already imagined the reaction of the first users of an autonomous taxi released in 2016, which took the form of a 100% autonomous Tesla Model S created for the occasion. Customers were inevitably surprised to see no one behind the wheel. Read the end of the video, “By 2030, Dubai will have 25% traffic autonomy.”

GM, for its part, has great ambitions in the field of autonomous cars, the development of which is currently linked to changes in regulations that do not allow this type of vehicle into circulation.

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