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The end of the run for the biggest French drug smuggler arrested in Dubai


It is considered the largest cannabis importer in France. Moufide Bouchibi, who was arrested in March while under a false identity in Dubai, was deported from the emirate. He returned to Paris on Wednesday after nearly ten years of hunting. An end to the run for nicknames: “Mouf”, “Photo” or “Phantom”, he appeared elusive to Dubai police who arrested him in late March.

600 tons per year

Hash Millionaire, originally from Ezone and bred in Hot-Rin, set up his backyard in Morocco, in the Riff region, in direct contact with the largest cannabis producers. From there, he sends drugs to Europe by boat: up to 60 tons a year.

However, Morocco is not a place to stay. He was abducted there and later tortured by a rival gang in 2009. It falls under the bullets of his mentor Sophian Humbley, one by one the lieutenants, a few weeks after the release of the Maufight Pachibi. Redemption money. Sofian Humbley, also known as “Simera”, is known as the informant for the police at the center of a clear case that outlined the controversial practices of Franுவாois Theory, the former boss of the anti-drug movement.

A message to other kidnappers

When Royce arrived at the airport on Wednesday morning, he was to present the Mufti Pachibi to a judge in Bobigny during the day. “Today his appearance corresponds to the announcement of the arrest warrant of the Freedom and Detention Judge and is not a judicial follow-up,” we told the Bobikni Attorney’s Office. The 41-year-old was issued an international arrest warrant because in his absence, he was sentenced in 2015 to 20 years in prison in Bordeaux.

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Dubai police show off their grip: A clip that looks like a Hollywood trailer has been released on social media. The arrest is a form of message sent to drug traffickers of all descent, who until recently saw Dubai as a safe haven.

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