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Google is improving the integration of Windows and Android .. How do you know?


Google wants to do what Apple does for Android and Chrome users in its ecosystem, and a batch of news was announced today at CES 2022 to help non-Apple device users easily set up, connect and share sites. A statement with an engagement.

This includes expanding the existing Fast Pair and Chromecast capabilities to multiple products and improving data sharing between Android phones and laptops. In fact, Google said, “For the first time with Android, we are focusing on creating other operating systems, such as Windows.”

First, Quick Connect Google has teamed up with Acer, HP and Intel to bring Fast Pair to Windows PCs, allowing you to quickly connect your Android phone to your laptop, then set up Bluetooth accessories, sync your text messages, and easily share files over nearby. Sharing This feature will be available on selected Windows PCs later this year.

Google, meanwhile, is fast-pacing non-wearable devices, cars and Bluetooth audio accessories, as it already works with Pixel Butts and some Fitbit watches, allowing them to be easily set up to add to TVs and smart devices. In a few weeks, Chromebooks will automatically detect the device that connects them when the headphones are turned on. Allowing you to connect with them with a single click will make it even easier to set up new Chromebooks later this year, so you can connect. Your Android phone and ports with stored data such as Google Account and Wi-Fi password.

The company said that in the coming months it will allow you to connect headphones with Google TV or Android TV, and that the fast name will work with new Matter-enabled smart home devices, making it easier than ever to have devices connected to your home network. Setting up Apple’s HomePod is as simple as starting the installation process.

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Once all your gadgets are set up and synced with each other, Google wants to enable convenient connections such as Apple’s AirPlay or AirDrop, and Bose brings Cast support for all brands of smart speakers and speakers, so you can stream music and audio from your phone to compatible speakers.

The company “makes technology for Bluetooth headphones”, which allows you to automatically change the audio output depending on the device you are using. Similar to how Apple users, iPods, and Airports automatically switch between iPods and Macs when they return to your tablet.

Google claims that compatible headphones also receive spatial audio support, so you can listen to directional audio based on your head movements. These features will be coming in the next few months.

Later this year the Phone Hub on Chromebooks gets new features that make it very useful, for example, you no longer have to install separate apps like Signal or WhatsApp on your laptop to send messages and messages to your friends on your phone. Chat apps are on your Chromebook, from which you can respond to them, and add a camera roll to the Google Phone hub so you can watch the media without having to open

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