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Google is trying to embarrass Apple for adopting RCS with its #getthemessage campaign

Google is trying to embarrass Apple for adopting RCS with its #getthemessage campaign

Google is launching a new ad campaign today that urges Apple to adopt RCS A cross-platform messaging protocol It will be next to the old SMS and MMS standards.

The search firm has a new one Get news website. It offers familiar arguments for why Apple should support a standard for smooth messaging between iPhones and Android devices. And, of course, there’s also the hashtag #GetTheMessage to really get those viral juices flowing.

Most people will be familiar with the problems Google describes in the form of green bubbles representing notifications for Android users in Apple’s Messages app. While the iPhone app uses Apple’s iMessage to send text messages between iPhones (complete with modern features such as encryption, support for group chats, and high-quality photo and video transfers), it relies on legacy SMS and MMS when texting the user. Not only are these messages displayed in a conflicting green bubble, but they also break many of the modern messaging features that people rely on.

To remedy this, in recent months Google has issued false hints that Apple will support RCS, a protocol that provides most (but not all) of iMessage’s features in a protocol that can be used on both iOS and Android. The company said it hopes “every mobile operating system … will be upgraded to RCS” on the platform. This year at its annual developer conference as well as in Different squeaks in months.

The iPhone maker has everything to gain from the current situation, which has a lock-in effect on customers. Provides seamless communication (but only between iMessage users) and replaces green Android bubbles Accurate position markers. That’s why Apple executives have agreed to bring iMessage to Android in internal emails.the pain [Apple] than helping us.

Arguments for the standard do not support Google’s arguments for RCS Slow and intermittent output, which initially relied on vendors to add support. But since then the situation has improved Google has already dominated 2019, which means RCS is now easily available anywhere in the world. This year, Samsung, the world’s largest Android manufacturer, Switch to using Google’s RCS-compatible Messages app By default in the flagship Galaxy S22 series.

RCS is slowly gaining parity in features with iMessage encryption. It now supports end-to-end encryption (E2EE). One-on-one chatsAnd this E2EE in group chats Due at the end of this year.

So could Google’s new ad campaign finally be the thing to prompt Apple to see the light and enable RCS support on its phones? Given the great deals Apple offers them No Needless to say, the search giants’ chances of playing ball aren’t good. At this point, Apple adopting RCS feels like America is collectively abandoning iMessage and switching to a cross-platform encrypted messaging service like WhatsApp or Signal.

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