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Google Launches AI Conversation Platform “Cool” in 180 Countries


American technology company “Google” has decided to launch its “Bolt” artificial intelligence chat platform in 180 countries around the world to compete with Microsoft software empire’s “GBT Chat” platform. EU countries.

Google said it has delayed the launch of the platform in English, Japanese and Korean in the European Union until it can ensure compliance with the EU’s legal framework.

Google has made many improvements to Google’s design and results, notably clarifying information sources with an operating system in the dark and the option to send the programming code it generates. A conference for developers. “Bolt” programming language supports 40 other languages, which will be released later.

The new version of the site can also answer complex questions and create complete sentences to answer questions, while providing reasonable web links and information sources.

For example, if a question is asked on a part platform about bicycles, the answer may include mentioning the need to ensure the performance of its suspension system, as well as relevant offers available at bicycle shops.

In answering the question, the site provided basic information and links to additional information, as well as follow-up questions about things from the time required to reach bike parking areas in the city.

Google has also developed a new language model called “Palm 2” that allows artificial intelligence to be used in writing novels to compete with “GBT4” developed by Microsoft Group’s Open AI.

Palm 3 language module supports more than 100 languages ​​with writing, programming and analysis capabilities. At the same time, Google’s chatbot platform Bart will work based on the Palm 2 language model.

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Notably, the “ChatGBT” platform sparked a lot of interest when it was first launched last year and sparked a strong debate about the changes that the use of artificial intelligence could bring to many jobs.

The “Bard” platform, like the “GBT” platform, is based on a large linguistic search model “OLLM”, and the “Open AI” company is currently developing the fourth version of “GBT”. return uses a condensed and improved version from the Google “LAMDA” language model, which is updated with newer and more powerful models.

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