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Collapsed Esad Younis.. The death of his famous media colleague shocked the entire Egyptian society?


Yesterday morning, my best friend, a great broadcaster and journalist, passed away. He is considered a late great. My life friend One of the most popular Egyptian radio stars in its long history.

The artist also expressed his condolences Esad Younes And the artist, Dalia Al-Buhairi, journalist, friend of my life, who left our world at the age of 80.

Esad Younis Condolences on the death of my life friend

And “Izaad Yunus” saddened her and said, “Farewell, companion of the path, dear companion.

Late Broadcaster Late News, My Lifetime Friend

He is a famous rapper Abu YusufHis radio mother announced the death of my friend Hayati yesterday morning on his personal account on a small photo and video sharing site.Instagram».

And Abu Yusuf wrote on his Instagram account: I am forgiven, God willing, my mother, the friend of Muhammad, my life, pray for her with mercy and forgiveness.

Rapper “Abu Yusuf” announces the death of his famous media mother Siddiqa Hayati.

Radio is my life

My life friend is one of the most popular broadcasters in Middle East radio. She has given many programs in Middle East broadcasting and many students have passed out of her hands.

She hosted a television program discussing social issues related to women.

– From one of the Japanese broadcasters.

– Siddika Hayati is a journalist and radio announcer who has presented several radio programs.

Mother of famous rapper Abu Yusuf.

Condolences from radio and media celebrities for my life friend

Scores of singers, art and media stars were keen to pay their respects to the late talented media and broadcaster with touching words.

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Where did the Egyptian artist call her?Dalia Buhairi“Goodbye, my talented media teacher, friend of my life, I have learned a lot from you.

And the presenter, Menna Al-Sharqawi, wrote a post through his official account on the social networking site: «Facebook»: “The teacher in God’s protection is the friend of my life.

And the director, Fahd al-Banhawi, wrote: “The best female journalist, my friend, is under God’s protection.

Announcer Dalia Faraj El-Din said: “There is no God but God. .. We learned a lot from you.. There is no God but God.. She passed away by God’s mercy. Media friend Siddiq is my life”.

Artist Saeed Saleh’s daughter Hind said, “To God we belong and to Him we shall return.. The best and most talented media friend of my life, the first director passed away for the mercy of God. My work in my career on Rotana channels.”

And Hind continued about the delay: “A good and kind woman, and her age will never make us stingy. The last words we spoke in the Messenger last week and the last sentence she sent me . . . except in the memory of God, hearts are firm.”

Hind ended his post: “Oh my God, Madam Siddiqui, I am heartbroken.

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