March 21, 2023

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جوجل تجعل أندرويد أكثر ملاءمة للعمل عن بعد.. اعرف التفاصيل

Google makes Android very convenient for remote work .. Find out the details

Announced Google Inc. Google plans to expand the availability of the work profile tool for users who are not managed with the workplace account, and the work profile tool is coming to the operating system Android, Which allows you to hide your work apps and data and protects your personal phone app from more users in the coming year.

According to the Arabic technology news portal, the job description tool provides a convenient way to separate your work and personal life through your smartphone. When this feature is enabled, it will appear Job applications And personal applications in two different tabs in the application shelf.

Business applications have a small pie badge to distinguish themselves from personal applications. According to the company’s blog, this feature is currently only available for phones powered by the company.

But that is about to change as Google says it plans to bring this feature to unmanaged workspace devices by 2022.

This means you do not have to trust your employer to run them through your device.

Previously, the company said that the task profile tool was only available on managed devices. But now we plan to offer the same benefits of the work profile tool to unmanaged users with a job ID.

It allows anyone who uses Android for work purposes to separate work and personal applications in a single interface and stop all work-related applications with a single click.

Unmanaged Google workplace users will have the task profile tool available on Android from next year, and plans to expand to more identity providers soon to improve security when users access corporate content.

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The company wants to authenticate users in the system of custom tabs. This, instead of a WebView, speeds up the experience for employees and allows service providers to access more phone security information.

Android 12 adds a new type of profile called Clone, which supports cloning of processors across devices running Android 12 and above.

With the new clone profile, users can run up to three instances of the same application simultaneously.

The company recently added support for a work profile tool across Android that includes Android Auto. It allows access to business applications directly from the Android Auto Dashboard without access to phones.