February 7, 2023

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Leaks Galaxy S23 Ultra - Expected improvement in battery life and charging speed!

Leaks Galaxy S23 Ultra – Expected improvement in battery life and charging speed!

Samsung seems to have done away with the rear camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, with popular leaker Ice Universe confirming that the phone will come with a new rear camera with a 200-megapixel main sensor.

Samsung is making a 200-megapixel sensor for the Galaxy S23 Ultra

In fact, there have been several reports in the past weeks that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will come with a 200MP camera instead of 108MP. Clearly, the latest leak confirms this fact.

In the past, Samsung announced the ISOCELL HP1 sensor and then the ISOCELL HP3 sensor, and the Motorola Moto X30 Pro was supposed to launch with this last sensor last week, but Motorola decided to delay the launch for an unknown reason. .

Till now there is no phone in the market with a 200MP camera sensor. Although Samsung won’t be the first, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to have a better imaging sensor.

The new 200MP camera sensor is said to be named ISOCELL HP2 and can deliver better professional results and higher quality images than any other sensor in the market.

The pixel size on the new sensor is 0.6 micropixels, so it averages the pixel size between the HP1 sensor with a 0.64 micropixel pixel size and the HP3 sensor with a 0.56 micropixel pixel size.

The sensor is smaller than the ISOCELL HP1 sensor but larger than the ISOCELL HP3 sensor. In fact, a new 108-megapixel sensor is likely to return, so it’s better to wait to hear more leaks and reports on the matter before we say anything.

Apart from the main camera, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to have the same setup as the other cameras we saw on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. That means 10x and 3x zooms require a 12MP ultra-wide lens and a 10MP zoom camera. But Samsung will surely try to improve the image quality in the new flagship.

Moving away from photography capabilities and moving to battery life, the same leaker said that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a 5,000mAh battery, meaning it will come with the same battery capacity we saw on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

This also means that the new phone will support the same 45W charging speed, but the company could improve its charging technology algorithm to speed up the charging process.

Last but not least, the phone will be powered by the upcoming and yet-to-be-announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which will deliver significantly better results in terms of performance, power consumption and heat dissipation.

The new processor is manufactured by Taiwanese company TSMC with a precision of 4 nanometers and is scheduled to be announced in November 2022.

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