March 25, 2023

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جوجل تخطط لجعل البحث في Drive أسرع وأسهل.. اعرف ازاي

Google plans to make searching on Drive quick and easy. Learn how

Google Drive already has many extensive search options, but the company has developed a new search feature to improve search and help people easily find accurate files in Google Drive.

The Verge report states that the company is already preparing to test a new search filter called search filter chips. The new search filter for the search chip adds a new option to the top of the Google Drive interface, giving users the option. Minimize their search based on file type, last modified date and users associated with the particular file.

As mentioned, Google Drive already has search files that provide users with the option to select a search based on word, date, time, link, and more, however, they may be hidden in the search bar, and the new filter chips provide more user-friendly and more comprehensive filtering options.

For those who are more unfamiliar, a similar search filter was added to Gmail last year, and we expect similar processing in Google Drive. In the meantime, if you plan to try these new search filters, The Verge further states that this feature will eventually be offered to users. Google Workspace including G Suite Basic and Business users.

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