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Google’s Augmented Reality glasses.. Why did the dream of competing with Apple become a dream?


Google is developing an augmented reality Android software platform

When I started a company Camel Vision Pro Glasses Vision Pro for Augmented Virtual Reality Last June, people watched excitedly as company CEO Tim Cook unveiled a revolutionary new product that offers virtual reality and augmented reality experiences simultaneously.

On the other hand, a group of employees in an organization is affected Google Frustrated.

For years, Google has been trying to get back into the industry Augmented reality With a new product that dazzled users, it was Google glasses Google Glass, its first attempt at using an augmented reality device, ended in public failure; According to Business Insider, subsequent virtual reality products quickly lost momentum.

Why did Google Glass fail?

It was glass Google Smart (Google Glass) is a prototype of augmented reality glasses developed by Google. It was first announced in April 2012 and went on sale in April 2014. These glasses are intended to provide an augmented reality experience by displaying information on a small screen in front of the user’s eyes.

Google’s smart glasses faced several challenges that led to its downfall. Privacy concerns have been one of the biggest challenges since Google’s smart glasses can take photos and videos without the knowledge of the person being photographed, which has raised concerns about unethical use of the glasses.

Another challenge was that Google’s smart glasses were very expensive, at $1,500 when they went on sale, which didn’t appeal to many consumers.

Finally, the glasses were not for everyone, as their design was bulky and uncomfortable, which made it difficult for some to wear.

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In 2015, Google announced that it would stop selling Google Glass smartwatches.

Google's Augmented Reality glasses.. Why did the dream of competing with Apple become a dream?

Try again

Google’s leaders couldn’t shake the idea that the face would be the next frontier in computing, and in 2020 they began building a new team.

Ultimately, it focused on a device called internally “Project Iris,” a pair of augmented reality glasses capable of outsmarting the larger mixed reality headsets that Apple and others are working on.

Google acquired startups North and Raksium to support those efforts, but faced technical hurdles in turning its vision into a viable product.

The new augmented reality glasses were planned to be released in 2024, but the idea was scrapped in early 2023.

Project Iris glasses aim to provide a realistic augmented reality experience by displaying information on a screen in front of the user’s eyes. Glasses should be lightweight, comfortable and wearable all day.

Project Iris glasses are supposed to carry multiple features, including simultaneous translation, information access, and augmented reality games and applications.

Project Iris was first announced in 2020, and Google began testing the glasses in 2022. However, the project was canceled in early 2023 due to a series of setbacks, including job cuts and the departure of the company’s head of augmented reality Clay Power.

The company later scrapped Project Iris and turned its attention to a headset it was co-producing with Samsung, codenamed Project Moohan.

Google is currently developing the Android Extended Reality (XR) software platform for partners like Samsung to help build AR headsets that could launch as early as 2025.

Google's Augmented Reality glasses.. Why did the dream of competing with Apple become a dream?

What are the reasons for the decline?

There are many reasons why Google’s dream of augmented reality glasses is becoming a nightmare, one of which is that the company is constantly changing its strategy.

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Google Glass was originally designed as a consumer product, but was later transformed into a business tool. The company’s virtual reality products have also been displaced several times. This lack of focus has made it difficult for Google to build a successful augmented reality product.

Google’s missteps in augmented reality have frustrated employees in the face of growing competition from Apple and Meta.

While competitors also suffered setbacks, Project Iris suffered from an ever-changing strategy and a lack of focus from senior leadership, which, according to a “Business Insider” interview, led to a diminution of Google’s chances of becoming a strong player in augmented reality devices. 7 Current and former employees are close to the department. Google Augmented Reality.

The company’s layoffs and departure of leadership last January also destroyed the augmented reality industry, the people said, and they asked not to be identified because they were not authorized to speak to reporters, while a Google spokeswoman declined to comment.

Another reason for Google’s augmented reality problems is that the technology is still in its infancy.

AR headsets are expensive and bulky, and available AR experiences are still limited.

Google isn’t the only company active in the field of augmented reality, as Apple is developing its own augmented reality headsets, and other companies like Meta and Microsoft are making significant investments in the technology, and the competition is fierce. Google to win.

Despite these challenges, Google has a strong research team and a wealth of experience in developing cutting-edge technologies to play a leading role in the field of augmented reality. And if Google overcomes its challenges and delivers a compelling augmented reality experience, it could be a major player in the market.

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