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“Gorbakken Youth” replants damaged trees


Sharjah (Union)
Through Rubu’ Qarn Foundation’s “Sharjah Youth” and “Khorfakkan Youth Foundation” for the industry of leaders and innovators, they volunteered to undertake humanitarian efforts to unite to provide aid and call to the nation. The country has recently been exposed to weather-affected areas through reforestation work in those areas.
Seven volunteers of the Korpakkan Youth Project participated in their summer program “Your Summer and Yana” as part of their summer activities to support efforts to rehabilitate rain-affected areas.
After receiving a workshop given by Sultan Al Obaitli, the expert in charge of the government’s mountain road projects, the young volunteers played a significant role in planting and maintaining the Al Rabi Mountain trail in the city of Khor Faqan. Sharjah, and qualified them to carry out this important support, which is one of the main aspects of a voluntary project in which they have participated in the rehabilitation of the mountain, which later prevents damage to neighboring areas.
“Gorbakkan Youth” volunteers put forward their efforts, which were integrated in building and constructing mountain passes of all types and levels, protecting them, constructing retaining walls and carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance after rain and rockfalls. One of the aspects of rehabilitation is through voluntary initiatives implemented by them in Rabi Hill.
Apart from cultivation and irrigation system, professionally and with the desire to have a quality contact in this field, the youths cooperated to use the qualified tools for making hill tracks acquired in the workshop. mountain range
The voluntary efforts of the youth were supported by participating in the construction of mountain roads and planting of mountain plants and trees in the hilly areas in collaboration with the Gorbachan Municipality.
Ahmad Shaheen, director of the Korbakan Youth Center, emphasized the importance of the initiative, which involved youth participation in the restoration of Al-Rabi Mountain in Korbakan through agriculture and the construction of a mountain road. The efforts of Gorbachan Municipality, despite being young in this voluntary work, to prove their ability amidst their joy and eagerness to participate.
He pointed out that the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Industry, Leaders and Innovators is keen to ensure that the youth have their share in the national work and be part of the building to contribute their cards to this work where the community is united. Efforts are being made to rehabilitate the rain-affected areas.

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