May 28, 2023

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Al-Sadr has called on the judiciary to dissolve the Iraqi parliament within a week

Al-Sadr has called on the judiciary to dissolve the Iraqi parliament within a week

Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Sadrist movement, demanded on Wednesday that Iraq’s judiciary dissolve parliament by the end of next week, insisting that his supporters would stage a sit-in near parliament inside the central Green Zone. Baghdad.

Thousands of al-Sadr’s supporters stormed Baghdad’s heavily guarded Green Zone and took control of the parliament building as his opponents tried to form a government.

Al-Sadr has raised the level of pressure on his opponents, relying on his ability to mobilize on the street, and last week called for the dissolution of parliament and early elections.

His opponents accepted the dissolution of Parliament on terms, in the framework of integration, while one of them demanded that Parliament be reconvened to consider the issue of dissolution.

But al-Sadr on Wednesday, in a tweet, demanded the judiciary seek to dissolve parliament, from which his group’s representatives walked out in June, saying political blocs “obey quotas and are stubborn about corruption” and “will not”. Give in to the people’s demand to dissolve Parliament.

Al-Sadr called on “competent judicial officials, especially the president of the Supreme Court” to intervene and “correct the trend, especially after the expiration of short constitutional and other deadlines, to elect the president and assign it to parliament.” A prime minister to form the government.”

“After these constitutional violations, parliament must be dissolved by the end of next week…and the president must be assigned a date for conditional early elections,” al-Sadr added. He will announce these conditions later.

“Meanwhile, the revolutionaries will continue their sit-ins,” he said, but “if the people fail again they will have a different position.”

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Article 64 of the Iraqi Constitution states that “Parliament shall be dissolved by a full majority of its members at the request of one-third of its members, or at the request of the Prime Minister.” Republic.”

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