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Gran Turismo 7 will not play for a day when the server crashes

Gran Turismo 7 will not play for a day when the server crashes

Sony’s newly released Gran Turismo 7 did not run for about 24 hours because current server maintenance prevents GT7 owners from accessing the game.

This issue is said to be related to a recent patch related issue, but there has been no update from the Gran Turismo team in the last 16 hours and the game is offline.

Unfortunately, despite the emphasis on single player, playing the Gran Turismo 7 always requires an internet connection. Without servers, players will not have access to their personal storage units and garages, and they will not be able to customize races, hot labs, licensing events or their cars. The GT7 has only two modes when the game is offline: small cars and arcade mode with attractive and minimal music pool mode.

This extended server downtime follows players’ harsh criticism of the latest update to a set of drastic reductions in the number of credits awarded to certain races. With less money for multiple single player events, the more expensive GT7 cars will spend more time than ever. Metacritic GT7 user rating Is currently in free fall.

Those tariffs, which were recently slashed following harsh criticism of GT7’s stunning micro transaction model, came into effect shortly after the GT7 reviews were published. The cars in the 2017 GT Sport are offered for purchase separately ($ 1 to $ 5), the solution to the transaction for GT7 credits is that players want to use real money to expedite the payment of their GT7 collection to the US. $ 40 per car. These cars There Credit will be available with credit in the game, but the new update has now confirmed that it will take longer.

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The GT7 is subject to scrutiny for obvious issues with the new micro transaction approach.

IGN’s Gran Turismo 7 review Its beautiful graphics, awesome driving sense and racing options helped make this series the best of the PlayStation 2 dominating era, but always punished without the need for an online single player mode.

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