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Greece expands corona controls to control mutated “Omigron” explosion


Reuters Louisa Vrody

In Greece people wear masks to prevent corona

Greece has announced that it will impose additional restrictions between January 3 and 16 next year to control the outbreak of the corona virus, especially the mutant “Omigron”, whose restrictions target mainly nightclubs.

Health Minister Thanos Belfries told a news conference on Monday that 9,284 people had been confirmed infected with the corona virus and 66 had died, adding that under the new procedures, more safety masks would be mandatory in commercial markets. Public transport and restaurants. “

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Greece imposes fines on those over 60 who do not vaccinate

He added, “Bars and restaurants should close their doors at midnight and customers should not be allowed to stand in entertainment venues. Also, the maximum number allowed to sit around a table is only 6 people.”

He continued, “If these measures are not used, we will ban concerts in entertainment venues.”

The government has only 10 per cent attendance at sporting events, with a maximum limit of 1,000 people.

Visitors will be allowed to enter the geriatric care facility if they are able to submit a coronavirus-free test within 48 hours.

Authorities last week tightened the rules, banning people from wearing masks in the open and celebrating Christmas and New Year.

“We are entering a period of domineering Omigran domination in Greece,” Belfries said.

He called on New Year’s celebrants to “protect their loved ones” and avoid contact with them if they express themselves at mass gatherings during the holidays.

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Source: “Reuters”

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