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Green hydrogen is important in achieving carbon neutrality


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During the World Energy Forum, which will be held as part of the 2022 World Government Summit, a session entitled “Hydrogen: Energy Conservation and Aligning Energy Transformation” discussed the importance of green hydrogen in achieving carbon neutrality. The most important global experts in the field of energy.

The session was attended by Marco Alvera, CEO of Snam, McGentle, CEO of Hayley Innovative Fuels, Tim Holt, Executive Committee Member and Director of Employment Affairs at Siemens Energy Management GmbH, and David Livingston, Senior Advisor to the United States. Special Presidential Ambassador for Climate, Roger Martella, Head of Sustainability at GE and Gareth Wayne, Head of Communications at TAQA.
Participants stressed that the United Arab Emirates’ ambitions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 are an important step for a country that has historically relied on fossil fuel resources.

“The cheapest way to transmit energy is through pipelines, and this also applies to hydrogen transport,” said Marco Alvira. “Since the current network has the capacity to transport 99% of the hydrogen, the existing infrastructure can be used to carry hydrogen.”
Converting from natural gas to hydrogen, McGentle said: “There are many lessons we can learn from building huge natural gas projects, and these lessons can be applied to the hydrogen industry. Larger industries are needed to produce hydrogen. Important.”
Tim Hall said: “The Middle East has a role to play in the supply of green hydrogen.

Regulatory structures

For his part, David Livingstone said: “Fair and sustainable regulatory structures need to be created to allow capital and work in an integrated manner to create a value chain that will accelerate response and investment in this area.”
Gareth Wayne said: “The United Arab Emirates’ ambition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 is a major step forward for a country that relies on fossil fuels. There is no doubt that the UAE occupies an excellent position with its natural resources, and hydrogen will help transform the UAE into a global hub for energy conversion.

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Static energy

Roger Martella, who attended the session from Washington, D.C., said: “We want to eliminate energy sector emissions and increase access to sustainable and reliable energy. Hydrogen plays a major role in this. We believe that hydrogen is new. Uncertainty exists, so we must work together to address these challenges, and now that hydrogen can be used to generate electricity, there may be better applications for hydrogen to eliminate gas emissions in the energy sector, and we must continue to develop. Infrastructure for hydrogen, carbon capture and renewable resources “.


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