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Today, Tuesday, March 29, Cryptocurrency prices


As the performance of most digital currencies increased during trading on Tuesday today, Russia plans to replace the US dollar or the European euro with cryptocurrency bitcoin as an alternative to oil and gas sales fees in the face of Western sanctions. Due to its military operations in Ukraine.

In the following report, Vision is reviewing the prices of digital currencies against the dollar today, March 29, 2022, according to data from the Coin MarketCap website, which specializes in monitoring the performance of digital currencies.

Name Code Price (US Dollar) Change (24 hours)
Bitcoin / Bitcoin BTC 44,452.0 +0.93%
ethereum / Ethereum ETH 3,394.1 + 2.34%
Queen of Accounting / Accounting currency BNP 434.81 + 0.95%
Tether / Tether USDT 1.001 + 0.01%
Solana / Solana And so on 108.89 + 1.44%
USD Currency / The US dollar currency USDC 0.9997 -0.01%
Cardano / Cardano ADA 1.178 + 2.39%
Ripple / Ripple XRP 0.86533 + 0.43%
Polgadot / Polkatot DOT 22.66 -1.36%
FX / Avalanche AVAX 90.85 + 2.40%
duG Rani / Dogecoin Dog 0.14833 -2.38%
Shiba Inu / Shiba INU SHIB 0.0000262 + 3.69%

During today’s trade, the “Bitcoin” currency rose 0.93%, reaching its highest level since the beginning of January 2022, after rising to 44.45 thousand dollars.

The “Ethereum” coin rose 2.34% to $ 3.39 thousand, and the “Tether” coin stood at $ 1.0001.

Avax, the affiliate of the Avalanche site for decentralized finance and utility assets, rose 2.4 percent to $ 93.4.

“BNB” also rose 0.95% to $ 435.07. The “Shiba Inu” currency rose 3.69 percent after rising to $ 0.0000274.

At the time of today’s trading the “Solana” currency was up 1.44% at $ 110.2.

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The “Dogecoin” currency fell 2.4% after falling to $ 0.1455. The “Blockadot” currency fell 1.36% to $ 22.48

In today’s trade, the total market value of digital currencies increased by about $ 2.14 trillion, an increase of about $ 20 billion compared to $ 2.12 trillion, an increase of 0.94%.

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