May 17, 2022

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Green or pink? .. Check out Ben Affleck’s Jennifer Lopez engagement ring for a second time.

Nearly 20 years later, Jennifer Lopez wore Ben Affleck’s engagement ring for the second time, but this time the ring was a green diamond, while usmagazine reports that the couple’s first engagement was with a pink diamond. The second engagement ring is 8.5 carats with natural green diamonds, and according to a source close to the couple, “Ben and Jane both want it to be a detailed statement of their love story that their friends and family will attend.”

First and second engagement ring from Jennifer Lopez by Ben Affleck

Confident Jennifer Lopez His engagement to Ben Affleck andThe 52-year-old actress and singer shared a tear-jerking video of herself looking at her engagement ring.

According to the British Daily Mail, Jennifer showed her fianc மனைவிe Ben, 49, in a 13-second video showing a shocking ring without any trace of it.

That ring


Jennifer Lopez and Ben AffleckJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The video began with a black screen, showing her ring first before the camera moved to her face, andJennifer wore a casual dress with a green blouse and simple makeup.

On the one hand, international websites recently revealed that international actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is eager to give her children enough time after her boyfriend Ben Affleck and her art projects.

It added to the list of her awards after international star Jennifer Lopez recently caught her attention by winning a new award this month. After winning the Heart Radio Icon of the Year award, he caught the eye when he took to the stage for his outstanding performance on his new single “”.On my wayOne more songCorrectClassics and other highlights include piano performances by John Legend and Charlie Buth, as well as playing parts of songs to each other.

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