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RightPharm raises $ 2.8 million


ABU DHABI (Al-Ittihad) – RightPharm, a digital platform that specializes in serving the business sector, today announced the completion of a $ 2.8 million round of seed finance launches. Right Farm is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and works to supply new products from local and international farms to meet growing demand in the food and retail sectors. Holding Company (ADQ)’s startup support platform Disrupt ID, along with Enhance Ventures, a project support and finance studio based in the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey, led the initial financial round. The $ 2.8 million (10.2 million dirhams) fundraiser will invest in agricultural technology by supporting Wright Farm’s rapid technological development and implementing its ambitious plans to expand its operations in the region. Right Farm was established in 2021 with the aim of bridging the value chain of new products in the UAE, Middle East and North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey by developing technologies that help companies improve their resources and procurement mechanisms. New production. Through its innovative platform, Right Farm uses predictive technology to facilitate one-stop shop, routing, operations and purchases. The program provides access to more than 1,000 varieties of fruits, vegetables and small greens, and allows businesses to place orders within 12 hours and receive new products. “Investment in Desperate AT & Enhance Ventures will help accelerate our initial journey and open ADQ’s access to the growing food and agriculture sector,” said Eli Schoff, co-founder and CEO of Wright Farm. In the past, we have worked to create a product that meets the needs of the market, and are currently developing technology to modernize the new product sector, ensuring a seamless customer experience, while maximizing functional efficiency and enabling cross-market access. Once the initial financing round is completed, we hope that our business will see further growth opportunities in various segments of the market, while focusing on developing a sustainable and commercially viable business model. Right Farm’s founding team is led by CEO Eli Schaff, CEO Masen Murad and Chief Technology Officer Mohamed Abu Azamia, who lead a diverse team of more than 30 members from 13 different countries with experience in tech startups and new products. . The team has practical experience in many well-known companies including Kareem, Noon, Aramax, Starsplay, Groupan, Hike, Fresh Fruits Company, Gibsons and Barkat. The company operates from a cold storage facility located in the heart of the UAE Fruit and Vegetable Market.

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