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Greetings to Laila Alvi on Eid al-Adha: All love and happiness to you and your loved ones


Actress Laila LV was eager to share with her audience her latest photo session during the Eid al-Adha celebration and she wished them and their loved ones happiness and a good life.

Laila LV – Photo from her Instagram account

Looking elegant in green, Laila wished her fans Eid Al-Adha and commented on the photos through her account on the Instagram website. , every year you get better.”

It is noteworthy that Laila LV was a candidate to compete in the Eid al-Adha film season, after the news of the release of her latest film “The Secret History of Gauthar” spread, but the film’s production company issued an urgent statement. It confirmed that it is not suitable for screening within Eid movies and indicated that the official date for the release of the film will be announced soon, after a five-year long delay.

The company confirmed that the film “The Secret History of Gawdar” is not a genre work that will be shown in the Eid al-Adha film season competitions, and said in an official clarification that its screening time will be announced soon. But it is certain that it will be outside the Eid al-Adha season.

Filming for “The Secret History of Kawthar” began in 2017, but has seen several halts since its inception, until it was completely halted in the previous two years, despite being 95% complete, with only its footage remaining. There are still two days until the shooting of the film wraps up and it is not yet known whether the film’s stars will be roped in to complete its shoot in the coming period or the current version will be released without changes.

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“The Secret History of Gawdar” starring Zeena, Laila Elvi, Mohsen Mohildin, Ahmad Hadem, Enas Kamal, Firaz Saeed, Abdel Rahim Hassan, written and directed by Muhammad Amin and scheduled to release on Eid al-Adha. Adha film season in 2019.

Notably, the Eid al-Adha 2022 movie season has already started with the release of the two-starrer Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmad Eze and Hend Sabri’s movie “Gira Valgen” and Tamer Hosni’s new movie “Love You” will follow. , Hana Zahid and star Tonya Sameer Khanem were slated to star in “Delivery of My Family” but it was withdrawn at the last moment due to its concession notice.

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