June 5, 2023

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Famous Blind Astronomer Predicts 7 Shocking & Imminent Events... That Will Rock The World These Days... Here Are The Scary Details!  !

Famous Blind Astronomer Predicts 7 Shocking & Imminent Events… That Will Rock The World These Days… Here Are The Scary Details! !

Various predictions are made by many people for the New Year 2022 and there are many famous clairvoyants around the world, including the famous blind clairvoyant “Baba Vanga” who gave their opinion.

The blind Bulgarian clairvoyant or “Baba Vanga”, whose real name is Angelia Kushterova, became world famous for her uncanny and accurate predictions of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the 2001 September 11 attacks. ,

Except for the Chernobyl disaster, his predictions reached 85%, and despite his death in 1996, almost 25 years ago, his predictions about what will happen in the future still amaze everyone.

Indian newspaper “Lokmath” reported that astrologer Susan Taylor revealed the frightening events predicted in 2022 through blind prediction.

Blind Prediction Predictions for 2022
Blind prediction “Baba Vanga” revealed that in 2022 there will be many cataclysms that will destroy the planet:
Many Asian countries along with Australia will be affected by severe floods.

Spaceships will attack Earth, bomb cities and take some of Earth’s inhabitants captive. Due to growing population and pollution of rivers, water will become scarce in many places and the world will face disaster in finding water sources.

As the temperature rises to around 50 degrees Celsius, the land will witness heavy locust attacks on crops and agricultural land.

With increasing addiction to technology, many will dangerously confuse fantasy and reality.

Among the most prominent blind predictions for 2022, humanity will suffer from severe famine due to climate change, and people will eat beetles, leaves or mud.

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