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Guitar Oasis sold for over $ 400,000

Guitar Oasis sold for over $ 400,000

Paris – AFP – A Gibson guitarist owned by British singer Noel Gallagher was destroyed in 2009, the Oasis band disbanded and sold for more than $ 400,000 at an auction in Paris.

Jonathan Berg, guitarist and co-founder of Artbage Auction, described the destruction of the red guitarist Gibson at the Rock and Sean Festival in France as a “historic moment”.

The guitar was offered at a starting price of $ 160,000, and auction organizers expected the bid to exceed $ 525,000.

“Oasis” was one of the most important bands that specialized in the popular pop music genre of the nineties of the last century, and was formed by the Gallagher brothers, known for their fierce fighting.

The band was a worldwide success, selling over sixty million copies of their albums, and many of its works were widely acclaimed, including “Wonderwall” and “Don’t Look Back In Anger”.

In 2009, the band was scheduled to perform at the “Rock’s Nine Sign” Festival, and at the end of its “Tick Out Your Soul” world tour, the band’s album was named.

“Things didn’t go well between the two brothers, and the feud at the party culminated, where one of Noel’s guitars was smashed, which later disbanded the band,” says Berg.

The audience, who had been eagerly waiting for the band to appear on stage, were surprised to learn that the band had been disbanded.

The two brothers have been pursuing music work since their separation, but have on several occasions declined to return to work with the “Oasis” group.

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