March 25, 2023

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Gulf News |  Ahmed Badir described the incident as offensive. A prominent Kuwaiti journalist was fined.

Gulf News | Ahmed Badir described the incident as offensive. A prominent Kuwaiti journalist was fined.

Kuwaiti court has fined My Al-Aidan 500 dinars for insulting Egyptian artist Ahmed Badir.

On Thursday, the Court of Appeal for Crimes in Kuwait imposed a fine of about 500 Kuwaiti dinars on the Kuwaiti media and decided to overturn the verdict handed down against him in a case filed against him by an Egyptian artist. The scandal was reported by the “Al Arabiya Net” website. In turn, artist Ahmed Badir said on his Facebook page about the decision: “Thanks to the majestic Kuwaiti judiciary. The value of the fine is not important, it is important to increase the value of justice.” . ” He also thanked the lawyers who investigated the case. As Sarah Badir, the daughter of a talented artist, wrote, “Praise be to God, and I have absolute faith in the justice and oneness of the world.” Kuwait Judiciary. He continued: “Thanks to the Kuwaiti judiciary, which is proud to have supported and reaffirmed our commitment to confront the torture event, we do not stand in the negative in the face of the spread of this heinous phenomenon in the community.”

The Kuwaiti judiciary has previously acquitted Egyptian artist Ahmed Badir of torturing and insulting and slandering the Kuwaiti media, Mai al-Aidan. Last July, the Kuwaiti media, May al-Aidan, sparked widespread controversy over allegations that she had been bullied. Picture of Ahmed Badir’s daughter .. By God, his daughter Massa, daughter of al-Agra, on the other hand, Ahmed came out. Badir and his daughter expressed great annoyance at being described as “al-Agra”, where his daughter said: “Well, I woke up today and saw Professor Mai al-Aidan’s post with me all over Egypt. I’m heard of you, I know you are a terrible person who loves to bully, especially artists, but I want to explain to you how many things like this: First, I’m the father of a big star in the Arab world and no one is allowed to speak half a word about you. I think you saw enough of this in the attack, the whole Arab is on you, which surprised me, and thank you to all the people who responded to our feedback. “

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