March 25, 2023

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Gulf News |  Details of the "Lord of the Rings" series were revealed in the comic

Gulf News | Details of the “Lord of the Rings” series were revealed in the comic

Amazon recently announced its upcoming series, “Lord of the Rings: The… “Rings of Power,” including characters from hobbits, dwarves, and dwarves during Comic-Con, which was classified as the largest forum for popular fans. Cultural figures in the world.

Filming for the series, based on the books by author John Ronald Rael Tolkien, has been in the works since Amazon Prime acquired the broadcast rights for $250 million about five years ago.

“Lord of the Rings” fans lined up at Comic Forum overnight to get their first look at the series’ sequel. Hobbits, dwarves and dwarves are revived in a 90-minute show by famous American comedian Stephen Colbert.

The series, which will span five seasons of ten episodes each, will reportedly premiere on September 2nd, costing Amazon $1 billion. According to McKay, the first part reintroduces the fictional world of Middle-earth in which Tolkien’s story takes place.

As angels, Galadriel and Elrond, characters familiar to fans of the director’s “Lord of the Rings” series, are cast. Peter Jackson and the Oscar-winner, in their old version, Welsh Morwit Clarke and Britain’s Robert Aramaio.

Although the plot details are still kept secret, the detailed and intricate details of the books they contain, related to the island kingdom of Numior, were displayed on a large screen that occupied three-quarters of the space in front of those present. He was very enthusiastic.

“We built the entire city with multiple buildings and a full sidewalk,” McKay said. “It’s crazy and huge.”

“We built as much as any team could,” said executive producer Lindsey Webber.

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A video clip showed a group of “Horvods” who were the Hobbit’s late ancestors from “Lord of the Rings” and lived in rickshaws.

In another video, the kingdom of rich dwarves is the first to unite with female dwarves who appear at work, and in a third clip, a group of djinn are bound and forced to work with a gang of evil goblins.

“We’ve established a character,” Sofia Numbet, who plays the dwarf princess Dessa, told AFP after the performance of The Dwarf Girl, and we adopted her royal look with a beautiful beard, “and I’m definitely liked by everyone.”