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How did Biden get the virus? Could be due to ‘big change’


The Washington Post wrote that Biden, like other Americans, was wounded after learning to live in light of the potential risks of infection.Covid 19“.

Biden has made a marked change in his handling of the “Covid-19” disease, becoming more mobile as he shakes hands more often.

This seventh of July, for example, he set Biden A ceremony was held in the East Room of the White House, and “Medals of Freedom” were awarded to 17 Americans who had distinguished themselves in various fields.

And he didn’t hesitate President of the United States While such activities have until recently been subject to strict precautions, most of the high medal recipients are about shaking hands and hugging the crownees.

Avoiding travel as much as possible and limiting himself to holding meetings with video technology, the president ruled like a shell in his early days, the paper said.

But the president and those close to him reassessed the risks posed by the virus and opted to ease restrictions, especially in light of the required doses of the vaccine.

Andy Slavet, a health expert who has advised the Biden administration on the response to the pandemic, says that even if a person is doing their duties or doing something or going to school, they can’t stop doing the things they love indefinitely.

Slavet added that the corona virus is circulating around us like a cold, and even though it has very severe symptoms, it is necessary to live with the infection.

Continuous improvement

Meanwhile, the president’s health continues to improve and he is responding well to treatment, his personal physician announced in a letter released by the White House.

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Dr. Kevin O’Connor wrote that his “symptoms continue to improve” after confirming the president’s recovery earlier in the day.

Biden, 79, still has a sore throat, cough, muscle aches and a runny nose.

The Democratic president, who has received a full vaccination against “Covid-19”, is being treated with a pill called Paxilovite, made by the antiviral company Pfizer.

This drug works by reducing the ability of the virus to reproduce, thus halting the progression of the disease.

It is recommended in the US for people at high risk of infection, a category the US president falls into because of his age.

O’Connor noted that the president may have been infected with highly pathogenic PA5, a sub-micron mutant responsible for 80 percent of infections in the United States.

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