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Gulf News | Forbes has released a list of the richest Arabs in 2022


Their total assets are $ 52.9 billion

Lebanon leads, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia drop list of billionaires

Forbes Magazine, in its 36th edition, has released a ranking of Arab billionaires for 2022. The list of richest Arabs in 2022 has not changed significantly from last year’s list The list of richest Arab billionaires in 2022 has dropped from 22 to 21 billion, after the death of billionaire Emirati Majid al-Futtaim in December 2021. The total wealth of wealthy Arabs will fall to $ 52.9 billion in 2022 from $ 53.4 billion in the previous year. Saudi Arabia’s billionaire has not been named the fifth richest person in the world by Forbes magazine for the fifth year in a row.

Al-Qabas newspaper, Kuwait billionaires are not in the thirty-sixth edition of the annual Forbes 2022 list of the world’s richest, with 2,668 billionaires, 87 billion less than last year. About 329 people were dropped from the list, and 236 billionaires were added this year. According to estimates, Nassef Sawiris is still the richest Arab in the world, with a net worth of $ 7 7 billion – $ 600 million less than last year, which caused the biggest loss among billionaire Arabs this year. According to Forbes magazine, this is mainly due to the fall in the share price of sportswear company Adidas, in which Saviris holds 6 shares.%.

Algerian billionaire Isad Reprab and his family came in second with an estimated net worth of $ 5.1 billion. Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikoti and his brother Taha were the biggest winners this year, and then their fortunes increased by $ 700 million to $ 3.2 billion.

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Egypt and Lebanon each have 6 billionaires, while the net worth is Egyptian billionaires with $ 18.3 billion, and they include brothers Mohammed, Youssef and Yassin Mansour, brothers Naseeb and Nakuib Saviris. 93-year-old Mohamed Al-Fayed and former owner of a luxury goods storeHarrods.

The net worth of Lebanese millionaires is $ 12.6 billion. Two of them are brothers, Najib and Taha Mikadi and the sons of the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, Baha. Ayman and Fahad Hariri.

There are 3 billionaires on the 2022 list in the United Arab Emirates, including Hussein Sajwani, Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Qurair and family, Abdullah al Futtaim and family. Morocco is home to Prime Minister Aziz Akanouch, businessman and banker Othman Benjellon and his family. Qatar is represented by Faisal bin Qasim Al Thani and Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani, both members of the Qatari royal family.

Globally, no billionaire like Elon Musk has topped the list of the world’s richest for the first time, with a net worth of $ 219 billion, after the share price of his electric car company, Tesla 33.%. Musk overtook world number two Jeff Bezos for the first time in four years as a result of a fall in Amazon Stock 3.%And increase its charitable donations.

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