March 23, 2023

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Saad Al-Saghir: My History of Dancers and Corporates, God Is Not Satisfied With Me | News

For the second time in two consecutive months, singer Saad al-Zakir has said he wants to retire from singing soon.

“I was surprised when festival singer Umar Kamal spoke about his history and his songs,” said Rakita Shalhoob in an interview with the media on Al-Nahar’s “Seven Sama” program. 180 million views, I say we have no history from your project.

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He added: History has Sheikh al-Sharawi, for example, or the engineer who built the Kaaba, and the artist Hassan Yusuf produced many paintings, and when he covered the character of al-Sharawi, he had history, I learned. Series of things about religion.

And he continued: Saad al-Zakir’s history is “grapes of grapes” and “I love you, donkey”, and Umar Kamal’s history is “Oud Al-Batal”.

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And he continued: I no longer sing in cabaret with dancers, but my conscience always reprimands me, and “God is not pleased with me”, and if he is satisfied with me, I will retire. This is what I am currently doing.


Saad al-Zakir spoke earlier last month about his desire to retire from singing, and this came during an interview with the ET Arab show.

It is noteworthy that Saad al-Zakir recently participated in the play “Casanova”, which was shown during the Riyadh season, starring Hassan al-Rattad, Nisreen Tafesh, Amr Youssef, and Hamdi al-Margani. And it was written by Thea Mohammad, produced by Hamdi Badr and directed by Hisham Adva.

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