March 30, 2023

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Gulf News |  Intel's new Adler Lake processor increases system speed by 30%

Gulf News | Intel’s new Adler Lake processor increases system speed by 30%

US semiconductor company Intel has revealed that its new processor “Adler Lake” can upgrade performance portable PCs up to 30%While saving energy, this increases battery life. Intel said this breakthrough in PC processors is due to the hybrid design that combines high-performance units combining high-speed units and power performance, a model that has been used for many years in smartphones. Intel said during a technology conference that Adler Lake Chips will be offered in three broad categories: regular computers, regular laptops and ultra-lightweight laptops and desktop computers.

All three of these components are typical of smartphone chips that integrate high-performance computing units for tasks. The website, which specializes in technical issues, quotes Intel as saying that the number of performance units will vary depending on the target device and the high and power efficiency units in each processor.

The graphics processor released by Intel showed that the Adler Lake combines six high-performance units and eight high-performance units for power performance.

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