June 7, 2023

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Look .. The match between Nice and Marcello was suspended due to the fans entering the stadium and a big fight broke out.


Reuters / Eric Gaylord

In the second half of the French Football League on Sunday, the Nice match against its guest Marseille was halted after a fight between the Mycelle players and the home fans who had entered the stadium.

Good fans threw water bottles when Marseille’s Dmitry Boyd went to take a corner kick, and the spectators responded by throwing water bottles at the fans before the striker fans entered the stadium.

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The players left the field, the match was stopped for more than an hour, Nice President Jean-Pierre Revere told his fans to calm down and the Nice players returned warm to the field.

But Marseille refused to finish the match, and the French daily L’Equipe reported that Marseille players Mathieu L Quentucci and Luan Perez were injured in the fight.

Swiss striker Caspar Tolberg scored his own goal in the 49th minute as Nice were one goal ahead when the game was stopped an hour before the end.

Source: “Reuters”

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