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Guterres urges international community to pledge to protect, maintain and protect the seas – Emirates News Agency


New York, June 27, WAM – United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on the international community to pledge to protect and preserve the seas.

Speaking at the opening session of the United Nations Ocean Conference in Lisbon today, the Secretary-General highlighted what he called the “maritime emergency” and stressed the importance of turning the tide by protecting the oceans. The international failure to maintain the oceans will have multiple repercussions on all aspects of the 2030 agenda.

The Secretary-General suggested that the international community should work within the four axes to achieve this goal, which is, first and foremost, investing in sustainable marine economies, in this regard, he urged stakeholders to invest in sustainable marine economies for food, renewable energy and livelihoods. Long-term funding.

Second, the re-creation of the maritime security model among other things underscores the need for the sea to become a model for how to manage the global public for the greater good of the international community. Emphasis on expanding types from land or marine resources, effective area-based conservation measures and integrated coastal zone management.

Third, the Secretary-General called on the people to protect the oceans and the people who depend on them for their livelihoods and livelihoods by tackling climate change and investing in climate-friendly coastal infrastructure.

“The shipping industry must ensure net zero emissions by 2050 and submit credible plans to implement these pledges. More investment must be made in restoring and protecting coastal ecosystems such as wetlands, wetlands and coral reefs,” he stressed. “The Secretary-General appealed to all member states participating in the recently launched initiative to achieve the full security goal of the Early Warning System over the next five years, noting that it will help coastal communities and their livelihoods reach people who rely on early warning protection.

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Fourth, engage in more science and discovery. In this regard, the Secretary-General stressed the need for more science and innovation to stimulate what he called “a new chapter in global maritime activity.” Map target for 80 percent of the world’s oceans by 2030. He encouraged the private sector to join alliances that support deep-sea marine research and sustainable management, and urged governments to increase their ambition to restore marine health.

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