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Hair shines at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting Fair


Abu Dhabi: “The Gulf”

The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition sees two poetry evenings as part of cultural and heritage activities, where talking about hunting and hunting and equestrian heritage is incomplete without mentioning the Nabatean poetry, which greatly appreciated and embodied this authentic tradition. Many creative poems document the fondest memories of falconers.

The Emirates Falconers Club, in association with the management of the Zayed Center for Studies and Research at the Emirates Heritage Club and the Group for Managing Cultural and Heritage Festivals and Events in Abu Dhabi, is organizing two prestigious poetry evenings at the Abu Dhabi Fair. The center will be attended by poet Saad Marzouk Al Ahbabi and poet Obaid bin Mubarak bin Qadlan Al Mazroui and poet Rashid Muhammad bin Sindhia Al Mansouri on Tuesday evening. Poet Mishal Al Tawi will also participate. The evening will be hosted by poet Sultan Ghalib Al Tunaiji.

As for the second evening on Thursday evening, poet Ahmad bin Shamrukh al-Mutari, poet Saleh Nasira al-Mari, and poet Saif Salem al-Mansouri will participate, and the evening will be hosted by Abdullah Muhammad. Al-Gharbi.

Poetry evenings aim to meet the expectations of poetry, falconry and hunting enthusiasts, express authentic Arabic values ​​and enhance the presence of literature in the hearts of community members, especially guests of the Abu Dhabi Hunting Fair, through Nabati poetry. Its relation to promoting feelings of pride in national heritage.

These wreaths have their permanent individuality and flavor, on the one hand, they seek to present the game of falconry and the tradition of hunting to the poetic audience, and they represent artistic images deeply rooted in memory. They bring together a group of Emirati and Gulf poets who have distinguished themselves in their composition and performance and have demonstrated their unique ability in the art of poetry. They were able to pursue specialized creative fields, and poetry stars performed creative poetry. Evenings of patriotism, hunting, horsemanship and love of tradition.

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