June 7, 2023

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Hala Chetki: I'm the real "Fatten Amal Harpy".

Hala Chetki: I’m the real “Fatten Amal Harpy”.

He confirmed to Asharq al-Awsat that he was not worried about the size of the character

In an interview with Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Egyptian actress Hala Zedki said that she personally and realistically experienced the suffering of the heroine of the series “Faton Amal Harbi” during her divorce journey, which began 6 years ago. Previously, he was still living his last episodes in the courts, with Nelly for the title role. Kareem praised the work and performance.

He added, “Many scenes of the series were filmed in the courts, which brought me back to the context of the arenas I went to during my trial. Percent won, there is still the issue of obedience, and the issue of divorce. “She continues,” I’m the real one (Faton Amal Harby).

Hala Chetki said she was looking for roles that would reflect her experience as an actress, despite the difficulties, and stressed: “This is something that many colleagues suffer from, so the artist must participate in works that downplay his status. Participates in a topic with beneficial message, which was achieved with me (Faton Amal Harpy).

The artist expressed his optimism about exhibiting his artwork during the month of Ramadan: “Most of my theatrical works have been shown during this holy month, starting with the series (No, My Beloved Daughter) and seeing great competition (The Million Journey), and (Gizinia), and (Arabesk). , Even (Vanas), (Affar Attlee Allam) and others.

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