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Hala Setki reveals her memories with Ahmed Jackie .. “I was hurt because he hit me, Rakta warned me.”


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The artist, Ahmed Fahmi, hosted the artist Hala Chetki on his show Ahla Kalam, which will be aired on the Al-Hayat satellite channel, and during his TV interview, the late artist revealed his memories with Ahmed Zaki and hit him. On hand.

Point Bay Hala Setki’s memories with Ahmed Jackie reveal

Statements by Hala Setki

Artist Hala Setki described her memories of working with artist Ahmed Jackie at the events of “The Escape”: “It was my good fortune to work with Ahmed Jackie, especially at The Escape film. Capable of following.

And he continued his words, “It caused him to suffer from his nervous system. He lived within the character and was with him even after the filming was over.” During rehearsal and shooting, the pen hit me and I was in severe pain. I suppressed my tears so that I would not shoot again.

Hala Chetki and Ahmed Jackie

And artist Hala Sitki continued: “When the shooting of the scene was over, the producer came and apologized to me and said I would do the scene again because the pen I put on for the character was” good “. Ahmed Jackie hit me again. ”

“Escape” was made in 1991 and was a huge success at the time of its presentation, and has starred alongside artists Ahmed Jackie and Hala Zedki. Starring Muhammad Wafiq, Abu Bakr Essad, Abdel Aziz Magion, Joso Nabil and many more, this work was written by Mustafa Muharram and directed by Adef Al-Tayeb.

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In another context, the artist, Hala Sitki, is participating in the Ramadan Series Season 2022 through the series “Faten Amal Harbi”, in which artist Nellie Kareem competes in the Ramadan Marathon and is attended by Sheriff Salamah and Mohammed Al-Sharnubi. The work championship is scheduled to show on the dmc channel screen.

Apart from Khalid Sarhan, Hala Chetki, Mohammad Darwad, Fadia Abdel Ghani and many more, Ibrahim Isa wrote, directed by Manto L-Adl and produced by the L-Adl Group.

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