May 30, 2023

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Half of companies in the UAE are at risk of cyber-attacks within 12 months.

Half of companies in the UAE are at risk of cyber-attacks within 12 months.

Dubai: “Gulf”
Proofind, a cybersecurity and compliance company, has released its annual Human Role Report, which provides users with a comprehensive audit and assessment of three key aspects of risk: vulnerabilities, attacks and privileges; The report also highlights the innovative plans of hackers to exploit the vulnerabilities of individuals.
Relying on data and insights gained from years of research, the report delves deeper into user-related risks, including security threats, controlling their damage and resolving them within the largest database in the field of cyber security.
Emily Abu Saleh, the company’s regional director, said: “Half of the information security managers in the United Arab Emirates where the survey was conducted think their organization could be the target of cyber-attacks within the next 12 months. Reducing these risks depends on the company’s readiness to respond to these attacks, which target employees who are deployed in more than one workplace. To fully protect companies, CIOs need to focus on attack response, data security, investment in technology, in-house expertise, user training and employee-centered awareness programs.
In turn, Ryan Columber, executive vice president of the company’s cyber security strategy, said: “Even as life returns to normal and business returns, hackers take advantage of individuals’ opportunities and vulnerabilities to launch cyber attacks. . Now that cybercriminals are determined to harm everyone, protecting individuals from cyber attacks has become one of the most important issues for businesses.
Technical analysis
The report reflects the map of trillions of data points, one of the largest databases of cybersecurity. Every day, Proof Bowen analyzes more than 2.6 billion email messages, 49 billion URLs, 1.9 billion links, 28.2 million cloud accounts, 1.7 billion mobile messages and other data. In this report, the data collected in 2021 was analyzed and it highlights the nature of cyber threats. One of the key findings of the report is that hackers have realized that the smartphone contains every detail of our personal and professional lives. In the USA, it has doubled this year, while in the UK the triggers surrounding the delivery announcement were more than 50%. In addition, hackers carry out more than 100,000 attacks on mobile phones every day.
Privileged users are also randomly targeted. Managers and CEOs make up only 10% of all users in companies, but they are 50% vulnerable to severe attacks. More than 80% of companies are attacked by hacking a supplier account. Training to increase security awareness focuses on the threats that critical supply chains pose to companies.

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