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How will Tom Hanks celebrate his birthday?


International star Tom Hanks posted a picture on his personal page on social networking site Instagram to celebrate his upcoming birthday; Nakshatra will celebrate tomorrow on July 9, 2022.
Tom Hanks will be 66 years old as he returns to social media with this film after almost two years.
Tom Hanks announced his birthday celebration with a special interview that he will host on the “Bass Radio 66” network, and he appears in the photo, acting spontaneous, wearing a birthday hat, and a birthday cake decorated with candles in front of him.
Tom Hanks captioned the photo: “Our next national holiday without commercials..”

Photo posted by Tom Hanks on Instagram

Tom Hanks gets angry at a fan’s face

Social networking sites were abuzz recently with a video documenting the star’s reaction to a man after the American actor dumped his wife, actress Rita Wilson, and threw her to the floor.
In the details, when Tom and Rita left a restaurant in America, many fans chased them from all directions, and as they walked fast to get into the car, Tom Hanks surprised his wife Rita Wilson by accidentally bumping into someone. He pushed her away. About his wife he said: “She is my wife. Get out of here
Immediately the young man stopped in his place and replied in horror, “I’m sorry about that, Tom.”

Tom Hanks’ health

Also, British newspaper Daily Mail has published a new video of international superstar Tom Hanks, who has recently lost weight and is in a worrying state.
The actor appeared in the video, unable to control his right hand while holding a microphone, during a promotional tour for the biopic of the late singer Elvis “Elvis” in the Australian city of Gold Coast.
While the star held the microphone in his right hand as he began to shake, Hanks used his left hand to control the microphone and even tried to switch between his hands during his speech.
Hanks said in the video: “There’s no better place in the world to shoot an interesting movie than the Gold Coast. I’ve shot in Morocco, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Berlin and many other countries before, but nothing. Among them is the talent of the Gold Coast,” the website posted. Daily Mail”.

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