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Hallucinations and psychosis.. How did an Egyptian kill his son and cook his corpse?


Al Arabiya

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It’s still a crime An Egyptian mother killed her 5-year-old son, chopped up his body parts and cooked themIt shocked the Egyptians and raised their questions about the reason for committing such a heinous crime that defies human nature.

Dr. Jamal Farweez, a psychiatric consultant, reveals the reason behind what happened and told Al Arabiya.net that it is clear that the woman suffers from chronic epilepsy, which results in a mental illness known as psychosis. Delusions and delusions isolate the patient from his reality and make him imagine unnatural things.

He said that what happened from the woman was conclusive evidence that she was suffering from mental illness or that she was taking a new class of drugs that caused shocking symptoms.

A house where a heinous crime took place

He explained that a patient with epilepsy or a psychotic disorder does not feel his guilt at the time of its commission, and after a certain period of time he is not aware of what he is doing. Are outside forces controlling him or people talking and asking him unreasonable things.

The Egyptian public prosecutor announced that the mother had confessed to the crime, and a team of investigators had found evidence to corroborate the incident.

The prosecution said it received a report from Fagus police station in Sharqia governorate that the mother had killed her son, dismembered his body and hid his body parts in her house, noting that all the remains and parts were found. The child’s body, as well as two crime weapons and traces of blood throughout the house.

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During the trial, the accused confessed the details of his crime – as stated by the prosecution – and his motives and motives behind it, how he planned and executed it and simulated how he committed it. incident

Abu Shalabi village, attached to Fagus center in Sharqia governorate, witnessed the shocking incident, where eyewitnesses said a mother killed her 5-year-old child and cooked his corpse.

In his statement, when he spoke with anger and difficulty, it was revealed that the mother was worried about her child and therefore decided to slaughter and cut him, while the woman had been separated from her husband for about 3 years. For many years, she lived alone with her son in her own house in the village.

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