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Hamdok needs to release political prisoners and restore the status quo before the coup to begin any dialogue.



A spokesman for the ousted Sudanese prime minister announced on Wednesday that Abdullah Hamdouk would release all political prisoners and restore constitutional institutions ahead of the October 25 coup. Sources close to Hamdock have denied reports that the military is still in talks with him to reach an agreement to bring him back as prime minister, and that he is currently agreeing to return to government.

Spokesman for the fired Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk On Facebook, Hamdock vowed to release all prisoners and restore constitutional institutions before engaging in any dialogue to resolve the crisis ahead of the military coup on Wednesday, October 25.

Sources close to Hamdock say the military is still in talks with him to reach an agreement to bring him back as prime minister. But sources denied reports that Hamdok had agreed to run for government again.

What are the latest developments in the situation in Sudan?

Al-Arabiya TV quoted unnamed sources as saying that Hamdock had agreed to return to government. Al-Haddad television also reported that it wanted to release political prisoners as a condition of accepting the post of prime minister.

However, Hamdock’s office refused to allow him to return. In a statement posted on Facebook, the office said: The government spokesman’s office has confirmed that Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdock, who has been detained at his residence on the orders of coup officials, will abide by the conditions for the release of all prisoners and the restoration of constitutional institutions. Before October 25, before engaging in any conversation.

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The report added that Hamdock “forcibly withdrew from contact with his people and his political archives.”

Hamdock has been under house arrest since the sacking of army chief Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan last week, which has paved the way for the transition to civilian rule and prompted foreign donors to block aid.

Mediation efforts to recover from the crisis have been going on for days.

France 24 / Reuters

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