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Harbandar needs emergency chemotherapy at a cost of 340 thousand dirhams


The 33-year-old young patient (Harbandar) has been suffering from acute leukemia for about a month, and according to a hospital in Dubai, the patient's deteriorating health requires intensive chemotherapy and urgent bone marrow tests. According to a medical report, the cost of intensive chemotherapy was 340 thousand 394 dirhams, and he appealed for help to pay for the treatment considering his poor health.

The patient tells his story: “I came to the country to work with my family members, I worked in a private agency, I was in good health, I had nothing but back pain. A month ago I was admitted to a hospital and it became clear after the doctors examined me by conducting medical tests and analyses. ”I had acute leukemia and was shocked by this news and my psychological state changed dramatically. For my condition.”

He added: “Due to my poor health, the doctors decided that I needed an urgent treatment plan that required intensive chemotherapy and bone marrow tests as soon as possible, and the cost of the chemotherapy I needed was 340,000 and 394 dirhams, which was beyond my financial means.” Humble, hearing about the disease caused me anxiety and fear, and as a result I constantly wondered how to manage the amount of treatment I needed, after the doctors agreed that my condition was critical, and that I needed to be treated urgently and quickly before my condition worsened over the next few days. The disease is spreading to other places and my wife keeps crying about my health and our health. I don't know how to manage the excess treatment and the cost of my first treatment session before my condition worsens further.

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He continued: “I was considered the only breadwinner for my family members who have a wife and a daughter and I work as an engineer in a private company in Dubai and I have a salary of 12,280 dirhams. My salary was stopped. , as my health is deteriorating and I am unable to work and my wife is currently working, in this situation we are going through, she is our current breadwinner and her salary goes towards living expenses and necessities. Besides the debt I have and the amount of rent I have to pay, I am confused about how to manage my life, I have applied to many charities and organizations before, but I didn't. I got no answer to help me, so I request philanthropists and kind hearted people to help me recover from the grip of this incurable disease to cover my treatment cost, arrange the amount of sessions I need. Look at the difficult living conditions my family is experiencing.

• The patient is unable to work as his health deteriorates and he appeals to well-wishers to help cover the cost of his treatment.

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