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Violent Israeli bombardment of central and southern Gaza


Statement: Hamas wants more than a month of ceasefire and a slow process of releasing prisoners

Palestinian sources familiar with the prisoner exchange discussions between Hamas and Israel revealed that the movement abandoned the condition of a permanent cease-fire and released about 40 Israeli prisoners in exchange for a cease-fire lasting up to one month and 40 days. Withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip.

In return, Hamas wants the release of an agreed number of Palestinian prisoners, the return of civilians from the south to the north, and an increase in the pace of aid introductions as public approval lines.

Sources told the Arab World News Agency that Hamas communicated its position to Qatari and Egyptian mediators, while the parties communicated Hamas's response to Israel, the Hebrew Walla website said at the time, citing an unnamed official that the war council had refused. Last meeting. Motion display.

One source said Hamas's demand was to release one Israeli prisoner every day.

He added: “Five years of talks involving both sides of the conflict (Hamas) and Israel, Egypt, Qatar and the United States, are continuing, but no agreement has yet been reached.”

People carry pictures of hostages during a protest to demand the release of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza (EPA).

But Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported yesterday (Monday) that demands by the Hamas movement to conclude a new prisoner exchange deal with Israel appear exaggerated.

Citing an unnamed official, the newspaper indicated that the responses received from the Qatari mediator did not indicate the possibility of an immediate agreement being reached. The official said: “Hamas is setting imaginary conditions, and Israel is not ready to accept them.”

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Israel's war council met last week to discuss the initial responses given by the Qatari mediator, who has returned to the Hamas movement, seeking new responses from them and relaying them to Israel.

The Israeli official added: “The matter is more complicated than we thought.” (Hamas) has returned to demands for a cessation of military operations, which cannot be accepted.

Palestinian sources told the Arab World News Agency that the Hamas movement wanted the cease-fire to be longer than the previous agreement, but it was ready to implement the standards of the previous agreement so that the remaining conscript women would be freed. The same previous mechanism involved Israel releasing 10 detained Israeli children and women per day in exchange for the release of 30 female prisoners and children.

A source revealed that Hamas had agreed to release Palestinian prisoners with “moderate” sentences, indicating that it no longer wanted prisoners with longer sentences in exchange for the release of Israeli prisoners, in addition to releasing all those arrested from the Gaza Strip. 3 Palestinian prisoners to one Israeli prisoner during the ground operation into the equation.

The source said the release process varies according to field and logistical conditions and will eventually lead to the release of more than 40 Israeli prisoners, including elderly women and men.

According to the Israeli Walla news website, Hamas has demanded the full withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip in exchange for this concession.

Sources who spoke to the Arab World News Agency said negotiations with Egypt and Qatar and the United States had accelerated significantly in recent hours, with tireless efforts by Cairo and Doha and extensive contacts. , the final permanent shooting, in an effort to reach a ceasefire agreement that would end the conflict.

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Israeli media reported that the war council had agreed to a two-week ceasefire in exchange for the release of 40 to 50 Israeli prisoners and the release of more heavily-sentenced Palestinian prisoners, meaning Israel would agree to a one-day ceasefire. The exchange for the release of 3 prisoners, and Hamas agreeing to… a day of peace for every Israeli prisoner, is now at the heart of the debate.

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