June 6, 2023

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Harrison Ford at Cannes for the latest “Indiana Jones” movie

American actor Harrison Ford appeared at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday with the premiere of “Indiana Jones and the Tale of Destiny”, the fifth installment in the series of adventures of the 80-year-old archaeologist. Star.

15 years after the last film of the “Indiana Jones” series, which was shown out of competition at the Cannes festival, the great actor again wears the hat of the famous adventurer, but this time in front of the camera of director James Mangold, creator of “Walk the Line” (2005). About Johnny Cash, his most notable work. Mangold succeeds Steven Spielberg, director of the previous four installments of “Indiana Jones” since 1981. Disney, which acquired the rights to the series and the rights to “Star Wars” through its acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, had previously announced that the film would be Harrison Ford’s last role. long life

Harrison Ford stars in the latest incarnation of Indiana Jones in parts previously offered by “Disney,” including Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who appeared in the “Fleaback” series. One of them involves a chase through the alleys of the Moroccan city of Tangier.

The other two roles in the film were assigned to Antonio Banderas and Mats Mikkelsen.

The public will not be able to attend “Indiana Jones and the Dale or Destiny” until the end of next June, when it begins its commercial run in international theaters.

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