March 31, 2023

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حازم امام

Hasim Imam: After Queiroz I gave two names to the Football Association … we are looking for 4 more benefits

Board Member Hashim Imam spoke Egyptian Football AssociationWhen the coach of the first Egyptian national team Carlos Guerrero and the next coach of the Baros leave.

Imam said in a televised statement on the “On Time Sports” satellite: “We wish God success in attracting a foreign technical director to benefit the Egyptian national team.”

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He added, “Kuros made a very big effort, but he did not succeed, and in some respects we disagreed, the deal was terminated.”

He added, “We will not decide on the name of the next coach at next Tuesday’s meeting. Today, I will present two foreign coaches and the others on Tuesday.”

He continued, “I see that the next coach should be young and ambitious, play attacking football like us, and have a good resume.”

He added: “I have been given the names of coaches who have played on the best teams, but they are in their 60s and 70s, but it is fitting that he should be a young coach, not an accomplished coach. Achievements and no longer a place in Europe, so he comes to Africa.

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And he concluded: “The next coach will have assistants of his choice, but there must be an Egyptian element with him, to help him and learn from him.”

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He added: “Most likely, the national team manager will be fired and there will be a supervisor for the team, myself or Mohamed Paragat.”