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A doctor warns us not to eat the “poison” we make with our hands without our knowledge


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Sunday 10 April 2022

I wrote – Amira Helmi

Bad habits related to the food and drinks we eat make many people unaware that they are harmful to health and affect the body with many diseases.

Dr. Sherin Ali Jackie, chairman of the Food Syndicate and Field Follow-up Committee of the General Syndicate of Veterinarians, warned against a practice that many do, which is the “poison” that we unknowingly do with our hands.

Through a live broadcast on the awareness group “Jet in the Bit” on Facebook, he said, some people are infected with rice moths stored in bags and seek out many misguided habits that threaten our health, believing they expel the moths. Avoid rice from this pest.

Beware of spraying pesticides on rice or pulses that you buy in large quantities, and beware of this habit as some types of pesticides are oily, as its harm is very high, even if the lentils are washed and boiled. , This pesticide does not come out, so you eat this poison.

Also, some people in the villages would place the harvested grain between rice bags and sacks, signifying the end of life, because only 3 milligrams is enough to complete the life of a child or teenager in a few seconds.

What is grain yield:

Yield tablet, a tablet of aluminum phosphite compounds, is sold in pesticide shops in rural areas as an insecticide to protect various crops from rot, and the price of the disc is 1 eg.

What do you do with the body?

The grains of the crop, when they enter the human stomach, in contact with water and gastric juice, produce highly toxic phosphine gas in the body. There are no obvious clinical signs of this gas. Therefore, the obvious symptoms are treated immediately, which is why doctors call the yield pills and phosphine gas the silent killer.

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The best way to get rid of lentils:

If the size of the insects is very small, they can be removed in several ways:

Put a bunch of green mint and sprinkle a little black pepper “love”, it works to expel the mite from where it is located.

– Wash the amount of rice, then drain it from the water, put it in a cloth bag, preferably cotton, then sprinkle with 3 cloves chopped garlic cloves and a pinch of coarse salt, stirring well. Keep it in the refrigerator or in a well-ventilated place.

By cooling the temperature of the rice in the refrigerator or freezer, it directly affects the pest and works to kill it.

– Store on a plate and keep in the sun until the pests are out, but in winter this method is difficult, so the cooling method can be followed.

– Put baking soda (carbonato) on a small cloth to protect the rice from moths.

Dried black lemon expels its pungent odor without killing the moths in the lentils.

– Distribute the bay leaves over the rice stock, which will repel the moths.

Put the chillies and freshly ground turmeric in a navel-shaped cloth and store until the moths are expelled.

Mite flour

Flour insects are so small that they are invisible to the naked eye and can be detected by observing brown dust-like material on the bottom of the flour bag and on the surface of the flour.

How do you find out?

– If a small amount of flour rubs off and smells like mint, it means that there is an insect, or if a flat surface is spread by hand with a soft layer, and if the surface is found to be rough, it means that it is. Is the movement and within it the insects have begun to form.

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– Place a transparent tape in the storage bag so that if there is this pest, it will stick to the tape.

Get rid of it:

– Keep in the freezer for 4 to 7 days, it is usually best to store the dough in freezer bags or airtight glass containers.

– Disinfect places and cans with lentils or flour by rinsing with very hot water and then drying well.

What if the size of the insects is large and widespread?

If the pests are high, the only solution is to get rid of the rice or the dough completely and throw it in the pockets as eating it can cause adverse health effects such as allergies to the respiratory system and skin. And eyes, because this insect belongs to the family of beetles.

How to protect yourself from pests?

The storage area should be dry, clean and ventilated, even if it is in the freezer or refrigerator.

Store flour, grains, rice and food in clean, airtight containers.

Unlike airtight containers, avoid lightweight plastic bags.

Purchase in small quantities not exceeding one month to protect the storage from insects and worms, especially moths which are not more than 6 months old.

Follow all medical advice and learn how to maintain your physical and mental health .. Click here

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