May 25, 2022

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Hat-trick goals for Mbabane and Neymar each, and 3 "assists" for Messi.

Hat-trick goals for Mbabane and Neymar each, and 3 “assists” for Messi.

Paris Saint-Germain continued their march towards the title, beating Messi 6-1 with a trio of Kylian Mbabane and Brazil’s Neymar, with Messi passing a decisive ball. Thirty-first level.
Ahead of what he expects in the next round against his rival Marseille, Spain defense center Sergio Ramos will be in contention for the sixth time in all competitions, and for the third time in the league since coming from Real Madrid last summer, with Saint-Germain Neymar, Mbabane and Argentina’s Lionel Messi making their first appearances. , Their second consecutive win after a 5-1 defeat in the final round against Lorient. From Barcelona last summer.
Capitol Club lifted their score to 71 points ahead, 15 points behind Rennes and Marseille, just seven points from the end of the season.
Saint-Germain got off to a strong start, opening the scoring through Neymar with a Messi pass from the fifth minute, then he delivered the ball to Mbabane in the 18th minute. The player, who scored his nineteenth goal in the league this season, shared the most goals with a striker.
After an interception by Tunisian chief El-Din El-Gaui, in the 42nd minute Benin Jodal Dosso reduced the deficit and Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donorumma failed to block his way before Guillermo returned to the crowd.
But Neymar disappointed the hosts by scoring his second goal of the season and his ninth in the league this season. Breaking the offside trap after a pass from the Brazilian and ignoring the goalkeeper before hitting the empty net (74).
He then added a third man with a magnificent arc shot in the corner after a pass from Messi (80), raising his score to 20, two minutes later, two minutes later, becoming the third goal scorer. Neymar (82) scored.
Messi and Mbabane have combined for 7 assists in the French league this season, with more than 3 assists over the other doubles in the competition.
Kylian Mbabane is French League 1 player with 13 assists, while Messi is second with 12 assists.
Network “Opta” reports that Messi became the first player to make three assists in two different matches in the French league since the introduction of the statistics network in one season in the 2006-2007 season.
According to the Squad Network, this marks an exceptional hat-trick for the Paris attacking trio, with Mbappe and Neymar each scoring 3 goals, with Messi satisfied with a hat-trick of decisive passes.

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