May 18, 2022

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Science Seminar on “Mental Health for University Students”

A science seminar on “Mental Health for University Students” was held at the Faculty of Education at the University of Yarmouk, in which several professors from the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Education spoke at the seminar.

Dr. Omar al-Shawashra spoke on the mental health of university students; The place where he handled the concept of mental health refers not only to the absence of student symptoms or pathological features, but also to the ability to maintain a moderate mood and the degree to which the individual adapts to himself and his environment. Success at work, for manifestations of the mental health of the university student expressed in the ability to face problems and crises and self-awareness, the ability to assert oneself, the appetite for life, the emotional balance, and the appropriate emotional sensitivity.

Dr. Speaking of Hamza Al-Rababa University quality of life and one of the most important indicators of a university student’s mental health, this axis includes positive psychology, the focus of which is on guiding and guiding students. Investing their skills and psychological abilities as sources of psychological capital and related to belief and belief.Educational rigor, psychological and cognitive flexibility, improving the ability for academic advancement, modifying and controlling irrational beliefs and cognitive distortions of the university environment, spiritual, moral and social And calling for a commitment to values.

In turn, Dr. Ala Obadot pointed out how to express the various dimensions that affect mental health from the perspective of positive psychology, to identify the relationship between them, and to adopt a method based on a positive view of mental health that leads to the improvement of public health. It emphasizes the psychological performance and psychological disorders of human beings rather than emphasizing the flaws and imperfections, and focuses on the factors that lead a person to achieve his or her goals, work, and live a satisfying and fulfilling life. , Positive personal qualities, positive organizations that promise to improve quality of life and trying to prevent disease arises when life is empty and meaningless.

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The seminar was moderated by Dr. Ahmed Al Sharifin and the students’ questions and interventions were asked at the end of the seminar.