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Having graduated many years ago, did you dream that you were writing an exam?.. These types of dreams have a psychological interpretation


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Saturday, August 19, 2023 at 01:00 PM

A person dreams that he is surprised to write an exam for himself with a study material he has not studied, or fails to answer a question, or finds himself in the examination panel and in front of the question paper. He is unable to remember any information to answer any question, which causes confusion. A person’s sense of anxiety And tension, despite graduating from university many years ago, this type of dream has psychological interpretations, according to the website that we review in this report “Psychology Today“.

Psychological interpretations of a dream about taking an exam

The report points out that those who graduated from university and dreamed of taking the exams have common denominators, namely:

Dreams don’t start before high school and may be about university exams.

– The test may be in Maths, English or Science, and the failure to answer the questions is not intentional but because the person was surprised in the test.

Interpretation of a dream about taking an exam

Many people dream of not being able to find the exam board or going to the bathroom.

– Most of the dreamers are seen wearing casual clothes, but some of them wear pyjamas; Others are naked.

A closed classroom door may appear in a dream, often it is wooden, and some have wire glass windows in the door..

Usually, there is no one else in the hall, and the dreamer does not talk to anyone.

Interpretation of dreams about exams

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Interpretation of dreams about exams

A person dreams of taking an exam when he is afraid of forgetting or worrying about something important in his life.

– The dream can represent a person’s responsibility, duty or desire, because the dreamer knows what he should do, but he hesitates or hesitates to do this action..

– The dream may represent the dreamer’s fear of the future.

Thought before bed Regret for some action or inaction of something.

Psychological interpretation of a dream about taking an exam

A person usually dreams of making choices as an important date in his life, his birthday or the anniversary of an event is approaching, and the dream usually reminds him not to miss an opportunity or to take a more serious role in determining his destiny.

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