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“And if I could love again, I would love you” .. Why choose the same person twice.. Is a “second chance” possible? in our lives


“After some time of separation, friends forced me to repeat the experience again. I tried many times, but could not find someone I wanted to continue with. I was escaping the siege of my friends with a fake account. Facebook, writing freely about my feelings and talking about my past experiences. .

I met a girl through a group and I really liked her ideas. I found myself talking to her for a long time. We understand so much and I feel a strange chemistry between us. As understanding and long conversations followed, we agreed to meet in a public place. I was so excited about the date and when I left I was shocked to see my ex fiance walk in. She also looked shocked. Busy and trying to deal with the tension, I texted the waiting lady and to my surprise the sound of the message came to her, we both realized what had happened at the same time.

A story often circulated on social media often happens in reality. Details may change, but they do from time to time. Two lovers break up and each begins to search for his other half and find each other again, either because they are attracted to each other again, or some mutual friend who does not know their previous story sees them. Suit each other and try to introduce them to each other. Sometimes both parties see a message from fate, and perhaps it’s time to consider a second chance. Sometimes the other two see it as a heavy joke from life or a sign of bad luck.

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“Can you go back for a second?”

This is the question that occupied the minds of many after the separation of Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck after 20 years of marriage, and many emotional experiences were found among themselves to repeat the experience. It led to their separation. Some asked with hope, others with concern: Can we repeat the experiment with the same person and wait for different results? Why do we sometimes get stuck in a story, unable to get over someone, and whenever the world revolves around us, whenever we meet him again, we are drawn to him every time?

Jennifer Lopez

Beyond each person’s unique personality and the unique details of each experience, psychologists say that the neural bond between lovers is no different from the bond a child forms with its mother, as this strong emotional bond is fueled by hormones. Vasopressin and Oxytocin Build Intimacy in Relationships According to the US magazine “Discover”, when someone is the first, best or closest person in your life, they leave an indelible mark on the brain, or what is known as a brain fingerprint.

According to a 2010 study published in The Journal of Neurophysiology, feelings of romantic love stimulate the brain’s dopamine system, which prompts the brain to repeat experiences it knows are pleasurable. In addition to oxytocin, it stimulates a network of brain activity that amplifies visual cues, smells and sounds. The characteristics of this first or preferred partner become imprinted in the brain’s reward system as a kind of controlled preference, much like a drug.

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Although a 2015 study in rats found that they often volunteered to meet their first pleasure-inducing partner again, it appears that humans may follow a similar pattern.

Connect again
Connect again

So, you should stop worrying that every time you pick someone who looks like your ex, it doesn’t mean you still love him, it could just be his “neurological fingerprint” and you might be thinking about him at other times. , both of you have learned from your mistakes, this relationship will not harm you both physically or psychologically, and if you are both on the same page, this could be a real opportunity to repeat the experience. There is no point in trying to get back a lover who has already passed us on and moved on with his life, or a lover who we didn’t leave with the same neurotic imprint and who doesn’t love us back.

Connect again
Connect again

Maybe you’re reading these lines while living the “Egyptian version” of the Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck story, and you’ve taken advantage of the second chance life gave you with that unforgettable boyfriend. If you have this positive story that makes him whisper happily every time you see him, “If I could fall in love again, I would fall in love with you.” We are happy to share it with you and publish it on “Washwasha” page. Next week.

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