March 27, 2023

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"He was deceptive and provocative."  Shocking testimony about Messi in the Classico matches

“He was deceptive and provocative.” Shocking testimony about Messi in the Classico matches

In the Super Cup hosted by Saudi Arabia, just hours before the expected Clasico between the two poles of Spanish football, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​a spectacular testimony appeared “from within” one of the stars of the Madrid legend. Circumstances witnessed by those important rivals that the world is waiting for from obscure circumstances to followers.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh hosts the Spanish Super Cup semi-final between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with Saudi Arabia receiving $ 34 million annually after winning the right to host the tournament until 2029. .

Former Real Madrid goalkeeper Jersey Duterte recalls his experiences at the Clasico, testifying enthusiastically against former Barcelona star Lionel Messi, which may come as a surprise to many.

Dudek described Messi’s behavior in the Clasico: “He was as deceptive and provocative as Barcelona and (former team coach) Pep Guardiola.”

What did Messi say to Ramos?

The Polish goalkeeper added that in the comments to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”: “They (Barcelona players) were absolutely ready to provoke you and they did exactly that. It annoyed Jose Mourinho (then Real Madrid coach) and the whole team, a lot.”

Especially about the Argentine star, Dudek said: “I saw Messi say things that offended (defenders) Pepe and (Sergio) Ramos. You would not have imagined them from a quiet person, he’s handsome.”

The former goalkeeper did not mention what Messi said, however, it seems strange to a player like Messi who is always described as gentle, and some blame him for his shortcomings. Sometimes a fighting attitude and excessive excitement on the green carpet.

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Dodik played for Real Madrid between 2007 and 2011, but only played 12 games for the Royals, in the presence of the great Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, whose participation was essential.