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Health and Emirates Foundation for Health Services runs the Psychiatric Discovery Laboratory


The Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Emirates Foundation for Health Services hosted the Psychiatric Innovation Laboratory under the slogan “Advancing Towards a Sustainable and Scalable Mental Model” to discuss and present an innovative approach to mental health care. Formulate policies that will bring about effective and anticipatory change in the United Arab Emirates, with a vision for the future that will establish a healthy and happy society over the next fifty years.

His Excellency Dr. Hussein Abdul Rahman Al Rand, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health, attended the discovery lab, which coincides with World Mental Awareness Month, and saw the active participation of most health officials and representatives in the country. Display and discover initiatives to improve mental health services for the individual and the community, in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, one of Johnson & Johnson’s affiliates with the Department of Education, insurance and health care providers.

The mission of the laboratory is to bring together leaders and professionals to achieve a common goal of supporting mental health and well-being in a sustainable way, by coordinating attention and enhancing action and interpersonal collaboration in the field of psychiatry. Evidence-based standards and practical evidence, including the exchange of experiences and the sharing of insights into national policy priorities for improving mental health, are a reference guide at the state level.

National Policy for the Improvement of Mental Health

Mental health is the source of human happiness and the most comprehensive path to happiness in society as a whole, and it is affected by a set of social, environmental and economic factors that must be addressed through comprehensive policies to improve and prevent mental health. Providing treatment and recovery methods for patients with mental disorders, and an integrated national approach that seeks community happiness.
Within the framework of multidisciplinary cooperation, and to expedite the response in this area, the Ministry of Health and Prevention worked to formulate a National Policy for the Promotion of Mental Health in the United Arab Emirates in 2017, which was released in 2017 by the United Arab Emirates Cabinet. This policy adopts a human rights-based approach in line with the National Health Strategy, UAE Vision 2021 and UAE Century 2071 and 50th Plan, and is based on a set of values ​​and policies that are its most important pillars. : Empowerment, equity and acceptance, ensuring all stakeholders their right to access acceptable and accessible services, freedom and stigma Ensuring comprehensive services to combat mental disorders and provide integrated latest prevention, cure and rehabilitation methods. National Plan.

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His Excellency Dr. Hussein Abdul Rahman Al Rand, Assistant Undersecretary of the Department of Public Health, said the Ministry continues to work with its partners to implement national policy initiatives to improve mental health. The purpose of comprehensive, integrated and responsive mental health services is to respond to the needs and address the community of all age groups, as well as to promote multidisciplinary collaboration between relevant authorities, to promote the prevention of mental disorders in innovative ways, to enhance skills and information systems in the community, and to improve the integration of patients into the community. Conducting research on psychological services for the purpose of improving their quality of life and improving them.

Develop a mental purpose

Dr. Noor Al Muhairi, Director of the Department of Psychiatry at the Emirates Foundation’s Health Services, stressed the importance of running the Innovation Laboratory with broad participation, which enhances comprehensive efforts in the country to enhance the scope of integrated mental health services. Sent to current needs and community.

Effective partnership
For his part, Jamie Farris, general manager of Johnson in the Gulf region, said: “We are pleased to continue our fruitful partnership with the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Emirates Foundation in raising awareness for health services and developing projects and solutions. As part of our commitment to tackle mental health challenges in the United Arab Emirates and support the growth of the healthcare sector, we aim to improve the way we prevent, diagnose and treat mental disorders using the latest innovative technologies.

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