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Find out about the young man who scored Mohamed Henry in the movie “Prince of the Seas” .. Son of a famous artist | News


Artist Mohammad Hendi has revealed a new secret about the movie “Prince of the Seas” which he released 12 years ago, and co-starred with a large cast including Yasser Jalal and Sherry Adele.

In an episode of his “Hendy Show” show, artist Mohammed Henidy called the young man Nasser who attacked himself on the boat during the events of the movie “Prince of the Seas” and said he was his son. The late artist Siduna appeared with him in the film “Side at the American University”.

Hendi added that she had agreed with Nasser about the scene of the boat hitting before filming, that he had mastered it, that people liked it when it was shown, and that he described it as a clever actor.

On the other hand, artist Mohammad Mahmood said that Nasser is currently living in Australia and had recently returned to Egypt to contact him and meet him.

The 2009 film “Prince of the Seas” stars Mohamed Henry, Yasser Jalal, Sherry Adel, Hana Al-Shorbaki, Lodfi Labib, Tia Al-Mirgani, Amina, Mohamed Mahmoud, Husam Dakar and Maha Abu Auf. Directed by Yusuf Mati and Vel Ihsan.

It is worth noting that the “Hendy Show” is shown on the “Mehwar” screen every week on Fridays and Saturdays at exactly ten o’clock in the evening and is hosted by Mohamed Hendy.

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