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Health: One million and 567 thousand women were screened as part of the Maternal and Fetal Health Initiative


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Posted: Sunday, July 24, 2022 – 2:39 PM | Last Updated: Sunday, July 24, 2022 – 2:51 pm

The Ministry of Health and Population announced the screening of 1,567,000 women as part of the President’s initiative “Caring for Maternal and Fetal Health”; The initiative started in March 2020 till date under the slogan of early detection of maternal-fetal diseases, free treatment and healthcare (100 million health).

Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghafar, the official spokesman of the ministry on Sunday, said in a statement that the aim is to detect early infection with “B” virus, human immunodeficiency virus and syphilis in pregnant women. It reduces maternal deaths due to these diseases.

He said the initiative includes monitoring the condition of the mother and the newborn for 42 days after the end of the pregnancy to identify risk factors for the mother or the new-born child, provide necessary micronutrients during the post-delivery period and take appropriate measures. At international standards, this includes counseling to prevent diseases, and requires consent and the woman’s willingness to serve.”

He emphasized that the initiative is sustainable within the framework of implementing and improving the quality of routine services providing maternal and child care within the services of health units and mother and child centers. Identify the risk factors associated with the pregnant woman and the fetus and pregnancy.

He pointed out that tetanus vaccination, measurement of height, weight, blood pressure and carrying out various analyzes needed to detect anemia or D-D injection to determine the need of the mother in addition to a complete urinalysis after birth, he pointed out. Urinary tract diseases and necessary micronutrients are excreted during pregnancy to detect albumin.

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On his part, the executive director of the initiative, Dr. Fauzi Fathi said the initiative’s services are provided in all health units and medical centers, and cases requiring advanced clinical tests are referred to 90 referral centers for B and HIV. 163 centers to refer syphilis patients at the level of the Republic, and patients diagnosed with high blood sugar or any other risk factors are referred for complete evaluation and treatment at 303 hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health.

The initiative included more than 4,000 medical teams, who were trained in HIV infection, use of devices for early detection of HIV and syphilis in pregnant women, blood sugar analysis and physical measurements. with beneficiaries. , fill the follow-up card and enter the data.

He pointed out that medical teams, equipment and supplies are distributed according to the number of pregnant women in each unit, which continues from 8 am to 2 pm on official working days.

He pointed to the establishment of an integrated database for the survey and linking it to participating health facilities in the initiative; Facilitate follow-up of the beneficiary woman and transfer to the nearest center to get the necessary treatment as per her condition.

Fathi said that through the website of the (100 million Seha) initiative or through the (Health Egypt) application, inquiries can be made through the hotline (15335) and beneficiaries can inquire about the evaluation date for conducting advanced examinations.

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